20 Years of Performance Engineering

20 Years of Performance Engineering
11 July 2022 Youssef BEN ALI

July 2022, Adina Philipona

So far, it’s been just great! This anniversary gave us the chance to not only celebrate but also to emphasize how thankful we are for our community. Over the years, we have built many long-term relationships and friendships with our customers and partners for which we are very grateful. Also, we took this opportunity to remember and thank all current and former employees that have been part of our journey. The 20 years anniversary was a great chance to catch up and share great memories with each other.


Our 20 years anniversary activities began with the release of our key visual showing the hiking theme in combination with the “20 Years” logo that we created for this occasion. We chose this because we thought it fitted our vision to be the best performance engineering company in Switzerland and how we feel about performance. For us, performance means going the extra mile without hesitation or loss of quality, not giving in before we have reached the top of that mountain and can enjoy the “view of our achievement”. We used the hiking theme to emphasize the effort we put in to fulfil our customers’ and partners’ needs and add value with our focus on quality and innovation, backed by two decades’ experience of software performance engineering delivery.
Our aim was to use this big anniversary to (re-)connect and show gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has been part of our epic journey. We wanted to take a moment and look back on how we got to where we are today as Switzerland’s leading IT performance consulting company – together with our community, because THEY are part of ALTERSIS Performance’s history and ongoing success story. This is why we arranged several events across the country.


The first event was a MeetUp on April 26th with our customers and partners in Zurich at Sprüngli directly at Paradeplatz. Sprüngli provided us with a historical seminar room that is well known in the long company history of Sprüngli. The rush was a little bigger than expected: around 30 people joined our presentation sessions with Dynatrace (Digital Automation) and Swiss Digital Network (Democratizing Essential Digital Transformation Capabilities). On our side, Roman Kirchmeier, Operations Director, and Alan Gordon, Principal Performance Consultant, talked about Performance Engineering for 20 years and for the future. The technical and personal exchange was fantastic, and the rich cocktail that Sprüngli provided after the presentations perfectly rounded off the gathering. The atmosphere was vibrant, and time just flew by. At the end, everyone left with a big smile and lots of “see you soon”.








Some people we did see very soon again: at our next MeetUp event on May 19th in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. For the location we went for very typical Bern and held our event at the Tramdepot, just across the famous Bärengraben. There we had a large hall above the restaurant all to ourselves. After the presentations, a small beer tasting and a rich aperitif with pretzels, white sausages, tarte flambées and much more was waiting for us in the beautiful beer garden directly at the Aare. The atmosphere was amicable: some have joyfully met again, and some new contacts were made. All in all, a nice little and cozy event in the heart of Switzerland.











The highlight was, of course, our big celebration party in Basel on June 9th, happening at Atlantis. In 1947, the Atlantis opened as a café, but with its light, Moroccan-influenced style it differed considerably, so it became a place for live music concerts and great events, and still is a well-known location in Basel. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as perfect as we wished for that day, so instead of the two-floor roof top, we had to go with plan b: we used the spacious inside with its unique and characteristic style. Inside, there is a huge screen that we used for slideshows of pictures from the last 20 years. Once our approximately 80 guests arrived and got their welcome drinks, Andreas Leibundgut, Business Unit Director, greeted and welcomed our guests on stage. Also, he guided through the evening, from introducing Makram Hanin, Business Development & Management Coach, and Roman Kirchmeier on stage, for an interview on the last 20 years of our company, to the “Thank You Sessions” and party opening. Again, we spoiled our guests with a fine and rich flying dinner before the music switched over to party mode. As the weather improved, many guests found their way outside and enjoyed the night air in Basel’s city center in pleasant company with good conversations. Everyone was in a celebratory mood: many drinks were ordered, we danced to international music, learned new dance styles from our multi-cultural colleagues, and all together celebrated the last 20 years of the company’s success and the many years to come. It was a great event with a great community, and we’re already looking forward to our next anniversary!













But our anniversary year is not over yet – and we will make the most out of it. We will hold two more MeetUps: one in Geneva and one in Basel. To find out more about these events, follow us on LinkedIn or register now via our website. We will frequently share updates and news – so stay tuned!


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