Rapid Performance Diagnostics

The Rapid Performance Diagnostic (RPD) is combining proven diagnostic approaches, performance expertise and custom instrumentation technologies to identify the root causes of performance problems and provide recommendations based on an effective quantitative analysis in only a few days.

When business critical applications encounter stability and/or performance issues in production then time and resources become critical factors as the potential impact on revenue, customer satisfaction or user adoption are immediate.

IT departments are often faced with the following challenges in production environments:

  • Growing application complexity makes it harder to solve problems in a timely manner – speed to resolution has diminished
  • Continuing performance inconsistency caused by an inability to identify poorly performing transactions, applications and services
  • Mix of in-house, cloud, packaged applications make it difficult to pinpoint staff responsible for problem isolation and resolution


By the application of formalized methods, processes, and activities which are provided as RPD, Altersis  Performance Solutions can diagnose the stability and performance of web based applications implemented in JAVA or .NET as well as their software components.

In a matter of a few days, through instrumentation and analysis of collected information, the root cause of problems can be identified. Altersis Performance Solutions will also define clear recommendations for how to fix the issues.

The activities and deliverables of our Rapid Performance Diagnostic are illustrated in the figure below:


Client Testimonial

  • “Suddenly one of our JAVA based Internet application had severe performance problems, which were strongly impacting the daily work of our customers. Altersis Performance supported us quickly and efficiently in finding the causes of the problems and was proposing different solution possibilities. Applying them led to a noticeable improvement of the performance of our system”.

    Thomas Ernst
    Thomas ErnstCanoo Engineering AG


Matthias Mau matthias.mau@altersis.com