ALTERSIS Performance and Swiss Digital Network announce strategic partnership

ALTERSIS Performance and Swiss Digital Network announce strategic partnership
9 February 2023 Youssef BEN ALI

Enabling Swiss organizations to succeed their DevOps Transformation.

Basel & Zurich, Feb. 9th, 2023 – ALTERSIS Performance (APS) and Swiss Digital Network (SDN) are pleased to announce that they have entered a strategic partnership, combining APS’s IT Performance Engineering Solutions with SDN’s essential Digital Transformation Consulting & Training Services (Effective Site Reliability Engineering, Continuous Delivery, Observability and MLOps).

With digital transformation playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, compa-nies recognize the need for a holistic transformation approach covering technology, operations and culture while maintaining a high level of performance and reliability of business-critical appli-cations. The APS-SDN partnership brings together deep and complementary skills to accelerate the DevOps and Cloud Transformation of Swiss organizations. Joining forces and competences will enhance the end-user experience through innovative approaches and solutions.

“The APS-SDN partnership is a powerful combination. SDN’s expertise in essential digital trans-formation capabilities are uniquely complimentary to how APS works,” says Andreas Leibundgut, Business Unit Director of ALTERSIS Performance. Over the last 20 years, APS has established itself as the Swiss leading consulting company in IT Performance Engineering Services, placing its customers’ needs in the centre. Continuous Performance Engineering (CPE), Application Per-formance Observability (APO) and Cloud-Native Applications are the new solutions to embed Per-formance Engineering into the customer’s DevOps pipelines. This requires a certain level of ma-turity in terms of SRE, Continuous Delivery, DevOps mindset and skills. “These are exactly the core competencies of the specialized and agile Swiss Digital Network cells and therefore, this partnership stands up and will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients and any Swiss organization,” Andreas Leibundgut concludes.

“Partnering with ALTERSIS Performance will allow our customers for Effective SRE, Observability, AIOps, CI/CD and Machine Learning to leverage their Performance Engineering assets over the last 20 years and integrate them into continuous, and reliable DevOps pipelines for our clients,” says Tobias Sager, co-founder of Swiss Digital Network. “Together, we will unlock the full potential of ML and AI capabilities embedding CPE into an effective SRE framework and place our clients on a robust and sustainable digital highway in this new and fast-changing digital business land-scape.”

About ALTERSIS Performance

ALTERSIS Performance is the leading IT Performance Consulting company in Switzerland created out of the Swiss Pioneer in Performance Engineering, founded in 2002 as adhoc PES AG. The company has become the preferred supplier for many organizations when it comes to the deploy-ment of Application Performance Management (APM), Performance Testing and Quality Assur-ance Technologies, Processes and Governance.

ALTERSIS Performance continuously works on extending and innovating its services and products portfolio towards a comprehensive solutions portfolio to tackle customer’s IT Performance needs related to application life cycle performance engineering, operations monitoring or the emerging agile, cloud or mobile initiatives.

Driven by the aim to become the EMEA reference in IT Performance Consulting, ALTERSIS Per-formance invested over the past 20 years a relevant portion of its revenue in Research and Devel-opment in order to respond in time to the customer needs and challenges and thus become the partner of choice of the technology leaders and innovators in the area of APM, Performance Test-ing and Quality Assurance.

About Swiss Digital Network

Swiss Digital Network is the first independent and open consulting network, composed by agile and specialized consulting cells, partnering with innovative technology providers enabling a Digital Transformation journey.

Swiss Digital Network assists teams and organisations succeeding their Digital Transformation by democratizing essential capabilities such as SRE, MLOps, Culture Transformation & Innovation Management.

The network’s agile and self-managed entities, so-called cells, consist of polyvalent teams com-bining Senior Consultants, Solutions Architects, talented SRE and MLOps Engineers, as well as experienced Academic Partners and Trainers. The federal organisation of Swiss Digital Network fosters agility and people-centricity and is driven by value-add and sustainable entrepreneurship, considering social and ecological values in addition to the obvious economic KPIs.

Swiss Digital Network has in very short time become the preferred partner of major Swiss organi-sations when it comes to AI-powered SRE, Continuous Delivery and Observability.

Tobias Sager, Co-Founder of Swiss Digital Network & Andreas Leibundgut, Business Unit Direc-tor of ALTERSIS Performance – Basel, January 31st 2023.


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