“Performance Espresso” on Continuous Performance Testing

“Performance Espresso” on Continuous Performance Testing
18 February 2020 Maxime POROLI

Automation of performance testing is increasingly essential to enable a shorter time to market – and not only in the Agile/DevOps world.  At Altersis we aim to have a common approach for Continuous Performance Testing to fit projects of all shapes and sizes.

In this expert round table session we will share our experiences on implementing CPT covering both theoretical best practice and practical implementation options using CI and APM tools, Selenium and Splunk.

Following this, there will be an open floor discussion of experiences of Performance Management in an Agile environment.  Join us and find out how to turbo-charge your performance testing!

Register Now for the following sessions :

Zurich (Marriott), 12.03.2020, 07:30 / 08:30 (Register)

Bern (Café Max), 19.03.2020, 07:30 / 08:30 (Register)


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