Performance Testing as a Service

Altersis Performance Solutions delivers a comprehensive, full-featured, enterprise grade Performance Testing as a Service solution offering all the benefits of a state-of-the-art Performance Testing services with less risks and reduced cost.

If applications suffer from outages or poor performance, your organization may have to contend with lost productivity, lost customers, and lost revenues. Delivery, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) for implementing an in-house solution for Load & Performance testing and APM however are a challenge. On the other hand, cloud brings more flexibility and cost-efficiency by reducing dependencies and complexities of having tools installed on site.

Performance Test as a Service offered by Altersis Performance, helps our customers to profit from advantages of remote services for Performance Testing. The service is available for one-shot testing or recurrent testing needs for several releases improving your ROI:

By using Performance Test as a Service, you will benefit from:

  • Load testing platform at Altersis Performance’s Performance Testing Center in Basel, Switzerland or a 3rd party cloud
  • Altersis Performance Studio as a proven performance engineering suite
  • Diagnosis of application behaviour under load using analytical tools (APM)
  • Support of experienced engineers at Altersis Performance
  • Proven performance engineering process (PEP)


At the end of each testing campaign you will have:

  • comprehensive non-functional requirements (NFR)
  • re-usable and adaptable scenario models and loading patterns
  • web-based dashboards that visualize the status of your applications under load
  • detailed exit report with performance recommendations also for the unexpected


Client Testimonial

  • “As leading company on the Telco market, we needed to find the best solution and expertise that would allow us to gain in efficiency, agility and flexibility while mastering the Performance and Quality of our business critical Portal. The “Performance Test as a Service” offered by Altersis Performance fulfilled our expectations also in terms of agile implementation of the load and performance test as well as the engineering efficiency. I would recommend this innovative and soon unavoidable Performance test approach to any IT Managers aware that reducing the TCO of Performance Engineering is now possible”.

    Enterprise Technical Architect, Architecture & Governance at a large communications company


Matthias Mau