Load & Performance Testing

The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the definition, evaluation and monitoring of software performance; that is the application of engineering to software performance.

One of the main concerns of every software delivery is the performance behaviour of a business critical application under load. Slow response times can negatively impact sales conversion rates, customer satisfaction or user adoption undermining the investments made.

Challenges faced at customer sites managing application performance are:

  • Performance requirement definitions and understanding
  • Software complexity issues
  • Lifecycle integration challenges

To successfully ensure the end-to-end performance of applications Altersis has developed the Altersis  Performance Engineering Process (PEP) covering the entire application life cycle and including the following three main principles:

  • Scenario-Driven Requirements Modelling: Performance requirements are defined, implemented and measured via load and usage scenarios.
  • Application-Centric Measurement and Monitoring: Application performance is defined, measured and evaluated through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to the application components.
  • Life Cycle Integration and Continuity: Load/usage scenarios and KPIs, defined and implemented, are easily integrated and reusable from one lifecycle phase into another.

Load & Performance Testing Services, delivered by Altersis’s Performance Engineering specialists, follow our own systematic and proven engineering approach while considering the best practices related to load testing, application instrumentation and analysis.

In the case of a standard Load and Performance Testing project the following phases take place resulting the respective deliverables:

  • Planning: Performance test plan, test cases, test data for simulating target users‘ population, test scenario and load model, test infrastructure, proof of concept (POC).
  • Execution: Activity reports, test execution reports
  • Analysis & Reporting: Performance test report



Client Testimonial

  • “Credit Suisse has been working with Altersis Performance since 2002 in the fields of Testing, Quality, and particularly Performance, for our business critical applications banking, internet and intranet), based on Web, JAVA, J2EE (…) technologies.

    Altersis Performance supports Credit Suisse in the conception and management of our IT, as specialist for the quality and performance of our applications based on our Java applicative Platform (JAP) : set-up and implementation of procedures, methodologies and tools.

    For this reason, we allotted them in 2006 the status of “Preferred Supplier” for all projects related to our IT Performance and Service Quality assurance.”

    Alan Gherardi
    Alan GherardiHead of SW Engineering Global Front Prod., Credit Suisse


Matthias Mau matthias.mau@altersis.com