Application Audit & Refactoring

Based on many hundreds of evaluations, diagnostics, tests and review projects over the years, Altersis Performance Solutions has developed a systematic application assessment procedure supported by a rich tool-box and extended set of patterns covering the dimensions:

  • Architecture and Code Quality
  • Performance
  • Security


Enterprise applications are becoming more and more complex, not only in terms of architecture, design, frameworks or external services integration, but also in terms of taking up the performance and stability challenges related to Web 2.0, Cloud and Mobility.

In this context, drawing an objective, transparent and complete picture on the business critical applications becomes a key success criterion.

The CAPS (Code, Architecture, Performance and Security) Audit of Altersis Performance Solutions combines static architecture and code review with dynamic performance and security audits in one package and thus provides the customer a report combining a quantitative assessment of the application architecture and code quality along with the critical performance and security aspects.

Approach and scope of the Altersis Performance Application Audit


Client Testimonial

  • “Altersis Performance brings value to my team and department in two very important areas: on one hand, they support us in the performance analysis of systems and applications, including during adjustments and performance optimization phases. On the other hand, Altersis Performance’s consultants participate actively in the formalization and implementation of the project development process. They strongly contribute to the professionalism and the industrialization of Performance Assurance throughout the project lifecycle.”

    Altersis Performance’s client
    Altersis Performance’s client


Matthias Mau