Unified Monitoring Architecture

The Unified Monitoring Architecture concept by Altersis Performance, provides an adaptable approach to address the challenges of monitoring enterprise applications in complex environments.

The scope and expectation towards monitoring solutions with today’s heterogeneous and complex operation platforms go beyond the system and infrastructure central “traditional” monitoring.

Corporations are faced with following key challenges when monitoring business critical applications in an enterprise context:

  • How to monitor a mosaic IT Operations Platform from infrastructure through application to services and covering several access channels from fat client through web to mobile devices
  • How to cost-efficiently manage the challenges facing IT performance, capacity and event management in today’s operation
  • Service modelling and maintenance based on bottom-up discovery in a dynamic environment is extreme time consuming and always in “delay”

The complexity is not the same for all organizations and can therefore not be covered by a “one-for-all” magic technology.

Nevertheless, optimized application performance and monitoring abilities are a vital requirement and a competitive mandate. If applications suffer from outages or poor performance, your organization may have to contend with lost productivity, lost customers and lost revenues.

Altersis Performance can support you in handling this challenge with an incremental approach, which starts with an architecture task to jointly design the future unified monitoring architecture in cooperation with the customer’s team. Inspired by a Unified Monitoring Architecture Model which was developed based on real field experience, Altersis Performance’s consultants and our customer’s monitoring professionals can rapidly design a target monitoring architecture and provide structured solution elements.

Once completed, a second tooling phase can take place in order to handle the gaps highlighted in the new, unified architecture. During the review Altersis Performance will also support customers to address the challenges in domains such as governance and skill set shift.


Client Testimonial

  • “With Altersis Performance we have found a partner who did not only provide us with the evaluation of another toolset, but also supported us in considering all relevant dimensions related to Monitoring and Performance Management and thus helped us to elaborate a complete solution. Among other aspects the review and extension of our lifecycle processes as well the deployment in the organization are key success factors in combination with an optimization of our business processes and our organizational embedment.”

    Nicola Carosella
    Nicola CarosellaIB Application Manager, Die Mobiliar


Matthias Mau matthias.mau@altersis.com