Application Performance Management as a Service (APMaaS)

Altersis Performance Solutions delivers a complete and powerful APM as a Service solution enabling customers to boost application service levels and combining SaaS, MSP and Performance Engineering expertise.

For your business today, optimized application performance and stability is a vital requirement and a competitive mandate. If applications suffer from outages or poor performance, your organization may have to contend with lost productivity, lost customers, and lost revenues.

Tracking, managing and optimizing application performance, while increasingly critical, is also increasingly challenging in today’s highly dynamic environments. Investing in the roll-out of APM as a new discipline for IT organisations requires significant investment in staff, budget and time.

To face these challenges, Altersis Performance Solutions delivers a comprehensive, full-featured, enterprise grade APM as a Service offering, which can be deployed in a matter of hours, including the following services:

  • APMaaS
  • APM alerts & diagnostics
  • APM reporting deliverables
  • Comprehensive support


Our service provides web-based dashboards that visualize the status of a designated Java or .NET application. Altersis’s L2/L3 Engineering Team will proactively monitor and diagnose application performance incidents to accelerate root cause identification. Moreover, the service includes historical performance perspectives, the development and delivery of weekly and monthly APM reports, as well as comprehensive pro-active support.


Client Testimonial

  • “We were having around ten outages per month. Now that figure is reduced to one, if any. Moreover, with APMaaS, we have the capability to unlock even greater benefits to our business.”

    Andreas Puke
    Andreas PukeHead of Enterprise Systems, AMAG


Matthias Mau