APM & IT Operation Analytics

Free up your IT Operations resources by addressing the unmanageable number of threshold based alarms and false positives with multi-variant correlation and analytics engine to leverage service related monitoring data with Altersis Performance Solutions APM & IT Operation Analytics.

According to Gartner™ organizations collect 330% more metric data than 4 years ago, but only analyze about 30-40%. At the same time analytics is the fifth dimension in the Gartner APM model and is therefore essential for mature APM deployments.

The major challenges for handling monitoring data in large environments are:

  • Finding relevant data
  • Analysing the large amount of data and correlating it to other metrics
  • Linking to 3rd party systems
  • Managing the influx of real-time performance data which has never been greater


Altersis Performance’s approach is to handle these challenge with an incremental process, which starts with an architecture task to jointly design with the customers team the future unified monitoring architecture (see our UMA service offering).

Once done, a second IT Operation Analytics phase can take place in order to handle the gaps highlighted in the new unified architecture.

For the IT Operation Analytics phase, we assist customers in evaluating the different tooling alternatives and integrating them into a production-ready monitoring platform, while conducting the needed process updates and know-how transfer sessions.

Our service includes:

  • Automation of performance management administration
  • Isolation of root causes across IT silos
  • Forecasting of issues before problems occur
  • Leveraging existing monitoring investments



Client Testimonial

  • “With Altersis Performance we have found a partner who, thanks to its wide experience, did not only provide us with the evaluation of another toolset, but also supported us in considering all relevant dimensions related to Monitoring and Performance Management and thus helped us to elaborate a complete solution. Among other aspects the review and extension of our lifecycle processes as well the deployment in the organization are key success factors, the critical success factors to be handled were the review and optimization of our development and business processes, as well as our organizational embedment. In fact, monitoring is not only a tool, but a question of shared governance”.

    Nicola Carosella
    Nicola CarosellaIB Application Manager, Die Mobiliar


Matthias Mau matthias.mau@altersis.com