Flexible and agile deployment of IT Governance and the PMO.  
Immediate results and early benefits guarantee buy in and durability across the organisation.

IT delivery organisations are constantly faced with the challenge of meeting business demand, evolving the application architecture and demonstrating the business value of IT.  New methods and trends like agile & devops require the IT organisation to work differently and to combine the new methods with the old. The PMO is key to addressing all of these needs and challenges and our unique approach to doing that ensures an optimal management of your investment in the PMO.




Inspired by the benefits that a more agile approach can bring and through our experience of failed ‘big-bang’ PMO projects we have developed an agile approach to building a successful, practical and efficient PMO organisation.



  • “We were having around ten outages per month. Now that figure is reduced to one, if any. Moreover, with APMaaS, we have the capability to unlock even greater benefits to our business.”

    Andreas Puke
    Andreas PukeHead of Enterprise Systems, AMAG



Define and deploy the Corporate IT governance for a Swiss HQ’ed company and its affiliates in EMEA.

In the banking industry, setup a Project Management Office accountable for demand management, IT delivery and operations.

Audit the operational PPM and governance setup over a three year transformation program in the context of a legal procedure.