CQA Factory Implementation

The Altersis Performance Continuous QA (CQA) factory is the running test system containing all technologies, processes and guidelines needed to design, implement and execute your critical test and QA activities efficiently.

  • Do you face problems with quality results coming late, within unpredictable intervals and not clearly related to each other?
  • Are your general reports missing adaption to personal needs and have to be changed manually without a possibility to view the basic test results?
  • Are your testing activities starting anew on each test level?
  • Would you also like to see quality results for services and applications through the entire application life cycle during build, test and run?


The Altersis Performance Quality Assurance (QA) Factory Implementation is the key for all continuous testing activities. It manages all automated test artifacts regarding versions and data and executes them after every change integrally through all test layers like function, performance and end2end tests. Eventually it creates a report and displays results immediately and transparently in dashboards tailored to the stakeholders need.

Once the right tools are defined, we set up the automated test environment, we integrate the selected tools for automated testing, add the monitoring capabilities wanted and implement the dashboards and report structures to be created by the QA Factory.

In a parallel stream we assist the customer to design the CQA process and embed it into existing process landscape. We train and support all stakeholders to use and support the process according to their role. This is done not only for developers and testers, but also for project management and business management.

The main functions of the CQA factory are:

  • Enable creation of automated and re-usable tests for unit, functional and performance
  • Enable creation of back-end and interfaces simulators
  • Continuous orchestration of the build, deployment and execution of all tests after each change
  • Unified Analysis and visualisation of
  • code quality
  • Unit and functional test
  • Performance test
  • Reports & Dashboards update for all aspects and stakeholder
  • Alarming based on quality thresholds


Matthias Mau matthias.mau@altersis.com