CQA Assessment & Strategy

Altersis Performance assesses the existing QA practice as a whole and in particular the existing test automation efforts identifying gaps to optimize effort, the related costs and time to market potential.

Nowadays, agile methodologies are more and more popular in a way that being agile becomes a must for most of the application development teams. The adaptation of testing approaches, especially Performance Testing, however is way behind this trend due to a lack of proper tools as well as processes.

A key challenge is repeating the most critical test cases cost efficiently, transparently for all key stakeholders and in the shortest possible time frame.

The first step to face these challenges is a maturity assessment of the existing automation tools and frameworks, APM abilities and Performance Engineering practices. This is performed over standard adaptable questionnaires and a limited number of interviews with key stakeholders.

Altersis Performance services will then compare the findings to market best practices and against the extensive project history at similar customer sites. The combination of the findings, the comparison and the vision provided by the customer are then combined into a single report. This report will provide an evaluation of maturity in the different areas on governance, processes and tooling and give clear recommendations to reach the provided strategy. The final element of the strategy is a high-level modular roadmap including costs.

Our assessments and the defined high-level strategies are ideal tools for C-Level Directors for guidance of strategic decisions in the area of test continuous quality assurance (CQA).

Our approach

Within an assessment, Altersis Performance draws an objective view on your current IT Performance Management and proposes you the ways in order to reach the level you target by:

  • Analysing and qualifying the existing organization, governance, processes and tooling related to APM, to Performance Engineering and to Monitoring
  • Drawing the gap in terms of IT Performance Management Tooling, Engineering, Processes and Governance
  • Defining with you the handling areas and draw custom recommendations
  • Calculating in a transparent way the Return-Of-Investment of the project
  • Elaborating your roadmap taking into account the strategic and tactical objectives your organization has defined


Moreover, we offer the following services:

  • CQA Factory Implementation
  • Continuous Performance Engineering / Test Automation


Matthias Mau matthias.mau@altersis.com