Continuous Performance Engineering & Test Automation

Reduce total costs and effort using Continuous Performance Engineering & Automation. Our consultants can quickly embed Performance Testing and QA into the development & test environment in a cost-efficient, agile and automated way.

Nowadays, agile methodologies are more and more popular in a way that being agile becomes a must for many of the application development teams. The adaptation of testing approaches, especially Performance Testing, however is way behind this trend due to a lack of proper tools as well as processes. Apart from the technical questions in the following, organizations eventually need to be aware of the time and cost that can be reduced through automation.

How to maintain efficiently the quality and the performance of your Java code?

  • Compliance with Java coding conventions and performance best practices
  • Quality of packages construction
  • Cost-effective development quality control (Compilation Assurance, Code Quality Assurance, Teamwork)


How to reconcile the development of a functionalities, their integration and performance?

  • Dependencies and mutual impacts between components
  • Late identified integration and performance issues are more difficult and expensive to correct
  • Performance regression issues cannot be detected with “traditional” development and integration tests


Until the test automation process is successfully implemented, our engineers can jump in and help to do the hard work of test automation by designing and writing modular reusable test bricks and aggregate them to all levels of testing needed: functional tests, integration tests, end2end tests and performance tests in line with the test strategy.

In addition to the tests, we also enable data driven testing by creating synthetic test data to be reused on all test levels of automation and partially also to create input data for manual testing.

The Altersis Performance Studio, developed with the focus of Performance Engineering and especially Continuous Performance Testing, can be used as the main tool helping development teams in automated and agile performance testing.

Furthermore, Altersis Performance can support customers in the administration and maintenance of the CQA factory (see CQA Factory Implementation).


Client Testimonial

  • “Altersis Performance brings value to my team and department in two very important areas: on one hand, they support us in the performance analysis of systems and applications, including during adjustments and performance optimization phases. On the other hand, Altersis Performance consultants participate actively in the formalization and implementation of the project development process. They strongly contribute to the professionalism and the industrialization of Performance Assurance throughout the project lifecycle.”

    Klara Isler
    Klara IslerService Integration Manager, Zürcher Kantonalbank


Matthias Mau