Success Story: Digital Performance Test for Basel Tourism Website

Success Story: Digital Performance Test for Basel Tourism Website
28 August 2018 Maxime POROLI

Digital Performance Expertise from and for Basel

Basel has a Performance culture, not only in Art and Football but also in IT and Digital Platform. Basel Tourism selected Altersis Performance from Basel to assess the performance of their web-platform

Business challenges

Basel is located at the heart of Europe, and the Swiss city on the Rhine attracts visitors with its wealth of cultural, relaxing and indulgent experiences, whether at one of the many museums, global exhibitions and trade shows or regional cultural events. In today’s digital age the city’s official website plays a key role to attract and guide visitors from all over the world. Therefore, not only user design and layout are important, but also availability and performance of the website are key for the experience of mobile and global customers. Moreover, performance of the website and pages has a direct impact on the Google Search Ranking (which in turn of course has a direct impact on the number of visits on

Our solution: Rapid Performance Diagnostics

The Rapid Performance Diagnostics of Altersis Performance conducted by our performance experts measured the response times and assessed the performance and stability of the website. This was successfully completed by firstly custom instrumentation of monitoring technologies to identify the root causes of performance problems. Secondly, we provided recommendations based on an effective quantitative analysis in only a few days. Finally, we followed up by validating the successful implementation of our recommended measures.


Our support has led to the following measurable results:

  •’s performance generally improved
  • start page is highly performant
  • CDN has a very positive performance impact for global traffic
  • HTTP/2 improved response time very noticeable
  • Resource size and count has decreased
  • Insights into specific pages (e.g. events and sightseeing) and features (e.g. search) were provided, as well as location specific user data


Founded in Basel in 2002, Altersis Performance is the leading IT Performance partner since years of many Swiss companies and administrations assisting them to manage the performance of their business critical IT and Digital Platforms. We are proud of our Basel heritage and very happy to support our city’s tourism team with our expertise.



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