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Basel Tourismus: Digital Performance Diagnostic
25 June 2019 Youssef BEN ALI

Business Challenges:

  • In today’s digital age the city of Basel official website basel.com plays a key role to attract and guide visitors from all over the world.
  • Not only user design and layout are important, but also availability and performance of the website are key for the experience of mobile and global customers.
  • Performance of the website and pages also has a direct impact on the Google Search Ranking (which in turn of course has a direct impact on the number of website visits).


Our Solutions:

       ~ Rapid Performance Diagnostics

       ~ Custom instrumentation of Dynatrace for measurements

       ~ Root cause analysis and identification of performance problems

       ~ Root cause analysis and identification of performance problems


  • basel.com’s performance generally improved and basel.com start page is highly performant
  • CDN has a very positive performance impact for global traffic
  • HTTP/2 improved response time very noticeable while resource size and count has decreased
  • Insights into specific pages (e.g. events and sightseeing) and features (e.g. search) were provided, as well as location specific user data




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