Helvetia: New Generation APM and Monitoring Transformation

AMAG: Unified Monitoring and Performance Testing as a Service / APMaaS
24 June 2019 Youssef BEN ALI

Business Challenges:

  • Automobile importer in Switzerland, 5’400 employees, 80 garages and 500 brand contractors
  • Maintain high level of customer service is key success factor
  • Ensure critical systems for the customer’s business are highly available and performing well
  • Limited visibility restricted the IT team’s ability to take a proactive approach to fault resolution


Our Solutions:

       ~ APMaas

       ~ Customized APM Solution

       ~ Proactive Monitoring Process

       ~ Performance Testing as a Service


  • Reduced outages ten-fold and increased the speed of fault resolution, boosting productivity for 3,500 users, including 1,000 customer-facing sales staff
  • Improved monitoring capabilities
  • Improved customer service levels, safeguarded staff productivity and reduced risks of lost sales
  • Freed up internal resources to focus on other projects



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