Next Generation APM, Monitoring & Ops

Application Performance Management, or APM, is the monitoring and management of the availability and performance of software applications.

Why APM is absolutely critical for business can be highlighted by the following challenges:

  • Application slowdowns and downtime result in customer dissatisfaction, lost productivity and lost revenue.
  • Increasing resolution time to repair as IT organizations spend too much time in war-room approaches to troubleshoot the root cause of performance problems.
  • Growing application complexity makes it harder to solve problems in a timely manner – speed to resolution has diminished.
  • Continuing performance inconsistency caused by an inability to identify poorly performing transactions, applications and services
  • Mix of in-house, cloud, packaged applications make it difficult to pinpoint staff responsible for problem isolation and resolution.


In today’s dynamic environments, the re-design of IT Operations Management around Application-, Cloud,- and Mobile Management with a key position of APM and of Performance Engineering into more and more agile projects require dedicated leadership, organization and process structures. Furthermore IT Management and executives are facing the challenge of leveraging and rationalizing the investments and reducing the complexity in APM and related disciplines such as Testing, Monitoring and Service Management.

To support our customers, Altersis Performance:

  • Delivers the assessments, strategies, governance and management consulting services you need to achieve the cost-efficient IT Performance Management you target.
  • Designs architecture and tooling solutions and deliver consulting services for state-of-the-art IT Performance Management.


In this regard, Altersis Performance has also developed the only Performance Maturity Model (PMMi) in the IT industry, which integrates reference models and criteria to help customer assessing their maturity in terms of Performance Management. PMMI has been built based on our field experience contracted during more than 12 years IT Performance over more than 1000 heterogeneous projects.


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